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Live Betting

Wager While You Watch

Get in on the action and experience
the excitement of Live Betting!

What is Live Betting?

 BETTTING.COM  offers members the exciting opportunity to gamble on the game while it is happening. During a commercial, timeout or stoppage in play, you can wager on real-time odds such as spreads, totals, moneylines and props. Live betting online is a unique opportunity to make even more money betting on sports. With Live Betting odds, the action never stops.

Quick Results

Perhaps the best part of live betting is the instant satisfaction you get from winning a bet you just made. Instead of sweating your wager until the final whistle, you can bet on the very next play and get immediate results every step of the way. Whether you are a casual bettor or a professional, watch your bankroll grow with in-play betting.  BETTTING.COM Live Betting online application occurs in real-time, including live scoreboards for every game on the betting board.

Increase Your Winnings

When you’re hot, you’re hot! Everyone wants to bet on the big game while they’re watching on TV and if you missed the pregame odds,  BETTTING.COM online Live Betting platform is the best way to do this. If you can anticipate swings of momentum, or have a crystal ball, why not make some extra cash gambling on the game live. Trust your instinct and put that intuition to work. Once you start betting live on sports, you only increase your chances of winning more money.

Live Action

With BETTTING.COM  Live Betting interface you are in on the action, wagering on live game events as they unfold in real time. Make live wagers throughout the game on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, tennis and more. There isn’t a more exciting experience than live betting online because wagering while you watch the game unfold provides instant gratification with every bet you cash. More bets equals more fun and more money!

Reduce Your Losses

Live wagering allows you to hedge your bet or capitalize on middle opportunities. Rather than lose all your money on a pregame wager, make up for an inevitable loss by betting on in-play action throughout the game. Or when your bet is well ahead, take the other side in hopes of cashing both bets with a big middle. Timing is everything to a successful live bettor, and when you are betting live on sports there’s always an opportunity for your results to improve.

 BETTTING.COM Rewards Program

Bet on sports, win BetPoints! Win, lose or draw, it pays to play with  BETTTING.COM . Every bet qualifies for BetPoints redeemable for Free Play, cash, contest entries and more. The more you play, the more you earn. Join the Rewards Program today with a deposit of $300 or more and you’ll enter the Gold Level instantly. Earn additional points to achieve Diamond or Platinum status and unlock additional benefits!

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 BETTTING.COM Rewards Program

Think you have an idea of how the next drive will play out? Are you feeling a swift change in momentum and want to take advantage of the odds before they move? Once inside the  BETTTING.COM Live Betting online platform, the wagering options are virtually endless.


Why let such an exciting game as football go by without getting down as much action as possible? Live betting on football opens up thrilling new ways to play and make more money within every game. Gamble on updated quarter spreads and totals, drive outcomes, the next play from scrimmage, turnovers, props and much, much more!


Action on the hardcourt is fast and furious, and so are the live betting opportunities at  BETTTING.COM . With so much action on the court, betting live on basketball isn’t all about spreads and totals. When you’re live betting, there’s hardly anything you can’t bet on. Bet on real-time quarter lines, adjusted spreads and totals, updated moneylines, point props and more.


 BETTTING.COM Live Betting application allows you to get more out of betting on baseball. When you’re betting live, there’s more to bet on than who wins or loses. Wager on everything including adjusted moneylines, inning run totals and next hitter results. The opportunities are endless on the diamond when you bet baseball live. Play ball!


Bet hockey live and each period becomes a new opportunity to win more money in real time as the action unfolds on the ice. Bet on the exact game total, which team will be the first to reach a set number of goals or a shootout.  BETTTING.COM even offers double chance wagers that allow you to choose two results out of three possible pairings.


If you forgot to place your wagers on the big game before it started you can still bet on the spread, total and moneyline for the remainder of the match while the action is live. Bet on a team’s total goals for one half or the entire fixture. You can even wager on penalty cards, corner kicks and shootouts because when you’re live betting on soccer, there’s no shortage of action.


Imagine all the opportunities when you have the freedom to bet not just on each match, or set, but every single game! Live betting on tennis gives you the option to bet on game, set and match winners. You can also gamble on the total number of games played in each match or set. So if you have a tennis betting edge get in on the action!